Consulting Services


At one time or another you or someone you know has hired a consultant for guidance and expert advice. Retaining the services of a vacant land specialist is an effective way to navigate a specialized area of real estate development.


Examples where a land expert could be of value:


  • Assist to establish the purchase price for vacant land, an investment property or a future residence

  • Complete a price analysis to arrive at a possible future sales price for vacant land and/or investment property you want to sell

  • Land Valuation

◦  Determine value in the event of a legal matter, in the case of a will or trust

◦  Establish value for the purpose of refinancing

  • Address the question of value and provide evidence to adjust the property tax basis of a commercial building, vacant land, an investment property or even a residence.

◦  Manage and work to resolve issues with a piece of property can affect value:

◦  Property value disputes with neighbors, family members, etc.

◦  Property boundary disputes; lot line issues; decipher the location, use or value of easements.

◦  Land use or zoning discrepancies; interpret conditions imposed by governing municipalities.

◦  Meet with members of local, state or federal agencies related to planning regulations, engineering

   regulations, fire regulations and building regulations

◦ Act as the liaison between principal and specialized professionals in a land transaction: engineers(civil, soils, hydrological, etc), architects, grading companies, paving companies, utility companies and other preconstruction vendors for the purpose of determining property usage, property layout, drainage, utility requirements, easements, boundary issues and other property development requirements.

  • Prepare property valuation proformas and presentation packages for San Diego real estate developers and investors. Assist to determine the criteria to move forward with a project, a purchase or sale of property.


Investing in consulting services prior, during or after a land transaction can ultimately save both time and money. Contact Mark Shea, San Diego Land Experts for a 30 minute complimentary consultation. or 858-761-5233.

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