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We are committed to providing tailored services that cater to a wide range of land-related requirements in the Southern California region. Whether you're looking to list your land for sale, acquire property, delve into land development projects, or seek guidance at any stage of the process, our dedicated approach is designed to meet your specific needs.

If you have a particular project in mind or are contemplating various land opportunities, our comprehensive services are crafted to meet your needs. Whether it's a multi-family development, residential project, or any other land-related endeavor, we're well-prepared to assist you.

Recognizing the importance of your time, our Consultation service is committed to providing detailed support and expert advice on navigating the intricacies of land ventures throughout the diverse landscape of Southern California.


Get in touch with us to initiate a productive discussion about your next successful land project. Begin the process by sending an email to


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Engaging a land specialist to market and sell vacant land is pivotal for your success. Whether listing a single parcel or multiple lots, it's imperative to form a partnership with a seasoned industry professional well-acquainted with the nuanced processes of finalizing land deals. Real estate land transactions are inherently complex, and you deserve nothing short of an expert. I offer a wealth of expertise to facilitate and optimize these transactions. Explore how I can add significant value to your specific objectives. 

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Successfully representing a builder, an individual buyer, or a group of investors in land acquisitions demands not only extensive land expertise, but also adept negotiation skills. This elevated proficiency is crucial, given the diverse and detailed nature of land transactions, each presenting unique nuances. Leveraging my seasoned expertise as a land specialist, you can trust me to navigate and lead your project seamlessly from acquisition to successful completion. Contact me to enhance your land projects.

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At some point, you or someone within your network has sought the counsel of a consultant for expert guidance. Engaging the expertise of a vacant land specialist proves invaluable when navigating the intricate realm of real estate development. It's a matter of knowing the business, and I not only know it, but truly understand it. Opting for my services translates to cost savings. Reach out today to capitalize on this knowledge and experience.



Mark Shea, stands at the helm of San Diego Land Experts, boasting a rich history spanning over four decades in residential and commercial real estate development since 1987. His journey expanded in 1989 with the acquisition of his real estate license, followed by an immersive four-year mentorship where he diligently learned the intricacies of the development business.

This formative period honing his craft led Mark to involvement in a wide spectrum of real estate projects, showcasing his versatility in areas such as residential development and urban rehabilitation. Renowned for his analytical prowess and solution-focused mindset, Mark stands as a specialist dedicated to navigating the intricacies of vacant land development with strategic finesse.

For those seeking insight and guidance into vacant land ventures, Mark offers a unique opportunity for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. This personalized session provides a platform to discuss your specific needs and objectives in the realm of vacant land real estate.

To schedule your consultation, reach out to Mark directly via email at or send him a text message to 858-761-5233. Explore the possibilities and leverage Mark's wealth of experience for your vacant land projects.



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San Diego

ONE residential lot remaining in Normal Heights!


Ideal for individuals who understand how to construct on a slope lot.

List Price: $269,000.00 

Email or Call Mark Shea



Beautiful vacant land on 2.16 acres on Rainbow Crest Road in Fallbrook.

Build your own home.

Spectacular views!

List Price: $125,000.00

Email or Call Mark Shea



Belfort Gardens
Yucaipa, CA

Oak Creek
Yucaipa, CA

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