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San Diego Land Experts provides reliable and dedicated services to suit a variety of vacant land needs in the Southern California region. Our straight-forward approach is ideal for builders or individuals with a desire for land development; sell or acquire land; need guidance in the process and everything in between.

Perhaps you have a particular project in mind or are interested in exploring a few prospective land ventures in San Bernardino County? Whatever the case, we are suited to the task. We understand your time is important, which is why our Consultation service is available to render support & advice on land investment throughout Southern California.


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Hiring a land specialist to sell vacant land; finished lots is essential to your success. When it comes to listing vacant land for sale – whether it be one parcel or multiple lots – you want to be in partnership with an industry professional who has a working knowledge of what is involved to close land deals.

Representing a builder, an individual buyer or a group of investors in vacant land purchases requires a high degree of land expertise along with robust negotiation skills. The reason for this elevated level of education is that land transactions are unusually diverse with varying degrees of complexity. 

At one time or another you or someone you know hired a consultant for guidance; expert advice. Retaining the services of a vacant land specialist is a valuable way to navigate the specialized area of real estate development. You either know the business or you don’t. I know it and I understand it.

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Mark Shea is at the helm of San Diego Land Experts. Since 1982 he has been involved with various aspects of residential and commercial real estate development. He obtained his real estate license in 1989 and spent four years with a mentor learning the fundamentals of the development business. The valuable time spent honing his craft soon resulted in Mark being involved in a wide variety of real estate projects including residential development and urban rehabilitation. Mark is an analytical and solution focused industry specialist. Contact Mark directly for a complimentary 30 minute consultation by sending an email to or text  858-761-5233.



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